Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sync Outlook to a Google Secondary Calendar

Consider the following use case:
You have your office calendar hosted on the enterprise's exchange server, and your private calendar on Google Calendar. It is only natural to see your work meetings in your private calendar, under a secondary calendar. Well, there is a problem - Google Calendar Sync does not allow to sync your Outlook to a secondary calendar.

I suggest a simple walk-around:

  1. Open a new Google Calendar account ( would do just fine).
  2. Sync your office Outlook calendar with the new account using Google Calendar Sync.
  3. Share your new account with the old one (via "Settings" -> "Share this Calendar"). I recommend to have a full share ("Make changes to events"): it would allow you to schedule and cancel meetings right from your Google Calendar.
  4. Go to your original account, and add the new account by entering the new Google account.

That's it. As long as your work computer is running the sync agent and connected to the Internet, your Office calendar will be synced with a secondary Google calendar of yours.


  1. Brilliant idea! Thanks :)

  2. Very clever solution, thanks :)