Monday, July 5, 2010

UUID version 4 for Caché ObjectScript

I had to implement UUID Version 4 generator for Intersystems Caché database in ObjectScript, since I couldn't find anyone that already done it.
UUID's are good as primary keys
So, I've decided to be the first one to share it with the world. Enjoy.
ClassMethod GetUUID4() As %String
 Set tGroupLens=$LB(8,4,3,3,12)
 Set tGroups=""
 for tI=1:1:$LL(tGroupLens){
  // Group len
  Set tLen=$LG(tGroupLens,tI) 
  // Create number of that hex length
  Set tNumber=$Random($ZPower(16,tLen))
  // Make it hexadecimal
  Set tNumber=$ZConvert($ZHex(tNumber),"L")
  // Pad it with zeros
  Set tNumber=$Translate($Justify(tNumber,tLen)," ","0")
  // Add to list
  Set tGroups=tGroups_$LB(tNumber)
 // Add version number (4) to group 3
 Set $List(tGroups,3)="4"_$List(tGroups,3)
 // Add 8,9,a or b to group 4 (as UUID version 4 required)
 Set tRnd=$Random(4)
 Set $List(tGroups,4)=$S(
 // Join with dashes
 Quit $LTS(tGroups,"-")

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