Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Google Doodle

Today's Doodle seems like a mystery - an highly addictive interactive HTML5 dot thingi:

Usually, the clicking a Doodle leads to an search query that explains the Doodle's meaning - but today you can't click on it, since the Doodle scatters away, when trying to reach it:

Luckily, Google's engineers (intentionally?) placed a a significant clue in the page's HTML: the Doodle tag's id is named "hplogo":

A short Wikipedia research discover that David Packard, co founder of HP, was born in September 7th, 1912, which is today. Eureka! The cool interactive dots are the HP bubble-jet dots!

The inkjet was invented in Cannon's labs. Just for the historical accuracy.

Edit - Seems my hypothesis was interesting, but wrong. The Google Italy Blog team has state that it just reflects speed, interactivity and fun.