Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is the connection between Facebook and Pornhub?

Google has announced recently a lab called "Google Correlate", which is one of the coolest ever (IMHO).

Basically, it allow you to search for the most correlated queries - for example, the trend of searching the term "Facebook", has a 0.9934 correlation (1 = perfect correlation, 0 = completely independent, -1 = the perfect opposite) for the trend of "Pornhub". Interesting.

Another cool feature is to draw a trend graph, and see what are the most matching queries for that trend. For example, the best match for the trend:
is "2008 news" (which makes a perfect sense - at 2007 people wouldn't search for 2008 news, and at 2009 people wouldn't be interested in 2008 news).

So, all the statistical geeks out there, go ahead play with it!